Options for publishing

• Abstracts on the site, no indexes.

• All papers will be collected in a USB flash disk and distributed via participants.

• Selected by Program Committee papers (10-12) will be published in Journal Teploenergetika (information partner) with index in SCOPUS and RINZ (Russian e-library). There is a bilingual magazine, translation (to English or to Russian since we accept papers on any of these languages) will be done by editorial office. The publication will happened at January 2023.

• Selected by Program Committee papers (till 10 papers) would be published in JPE. There is a preliminary agreed a special issue in JPE around 10 papers with, publishing at the beginning of next year.

• Special issue in MEI publishing (Moscow) (electronical and limited edition as a book volume for distribution among main libraries) (index in RINZ). Could be published all conference proceeding. The publication will be done on original languages.

• There is a journal The Proceedings of CSEE that is indexed by EI In China. This journal publishes papers related to power generation and electricity transmission. It is possible to organize a special issue.

The selection of publishing houses and editorial offices will be decided by Organization Committee based on suggestion of Program Committee and authors’ desire.

After selecting publishing houses and editorial office the authors of the selected articles will be sent a list of required supporting documents.

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