Chairman of the conference

Vladimir Mikhailov, Doctor of Sciences, General Director of JSC “NPO CKTI”

Organizing committee

Co-Chairman – Valery Rokhlin, PhD, Deputy General Director, Head of the Turbine Unit Division.

Co-Chairman – Xiaoshu Cai, Doctor of Science, Prof., University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.


— Sergey Filippov, Doctor of Science, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director ERI RAS

— Yurii Petrenya, Doctor of Science, Prof., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, SPb Politechnical University, Director of Energy Institute

— Alexander Barinov, Deputy Director of JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”

— Alexandr Ivanovskiy, Ph.D., General Designer of JSC “Power Machines”

— Alexandr Valamin, Technical Director of JSC “Ural Turbine Plant”

— Vladimir Gribin, Doctor of Sciences, Head of the Department of MPEI

— Michal Hoznedl, PhD, Head of Experimental Research Department, DOOSAN Skoda

— Markus Schatz, Doctor of Science, Prof., Helmut Smidt University

— Ondrej Bartos, PhD, Prague Technical University, Chairman of the Program Committee

— Shigeki Senoo, PhD, Head of the Turbomachinery Research Department of the Research Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD

— Zhenping Feng, PhD, Prof., Institute of Turbomachines, Higher Energy School, Xi’an Jiaotong University


— Natalia Bokuchava, scientific secretary, engineer, JSC “NPO CKTI”

— Elizaveta Zolotogorova, secretary of Organization Committee, JSC “NPO CKTI”

Program Committee

— Ondrej Bartos, PhD, Prague Technical University, Chairman of the Program Committee

— Alexander Lisyansky, Doctor of Sciences, Prof., Advisor to the General Director of JSC “NPO CKTI”

— Alexander Klimenko, Doctor of Science, Prof., Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF)

— Julius Kachuriner, JSC “NPO CKTI”

— Lev Feldberg, Ph.D., Leading Researcher, JSC “NPO CKTI”

— Valery Gaev, Doctor of Science, Chief Steam Turbine Specialist, JSC “Power Machines”

— Ivan McBean, Principal Aerodynamic Engineer, GE Steam Power Switzerland GmbH

— Dieter Brillert, Doctor of Science, Prof., Head of the Department of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany


Calculation methods and mathematical models of the formation and flow of moister in the flow path of a steam turbine, calculation of the influence of wetness. Chairman of the section – Vladimir Gribin, Doctor of Science, Prof.

Moisture measurement methods, methods and tools for experimental research of moisture. Analysis of the results of experiments to determine the effect of wet steam on efficiency and reliability. Chairman of the section – Valery Rokhlin, PhD.

Structural, schematic and operational solutions to reduce the effect of moisture in steam turbines, blade erosion. Chairman of the section – Alexander Ivanovskiy, PhD.

Alternative working fluids for turbines, their research and application, comparison with the steam cycle when working in the near-humid and near-critical regions of the state. Chairman of the section – Dr. Sebastian Schuster.

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