Dates: 27.06 – 28.06.2022
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Specific location to be determined later

The conference is organized by the JSC «NPO CKTI»

Dear Colleagues,


I kindly invite you to take part in the next conference hosted by the community of engineers working in the study and use of wet steam in turbomachines.

The third international conference, organized by JSC «NPO CKTI», is held in the year of the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Boiler Turbine Institute (CKTI) and the 110th anniversary of the publication of the Bauman formula.

Vladimir Mikhailov

Chairman of the Conference,
General Director of NPO CKTI


The first conference organized by John Young and Alexander White was successfully held in 2012 in Cambridge (UK), the second conference was held in 2016 in Prague (Czech Republic).

The Third Conference changed its address and because of the pandemic, it will take place not in Shanghai (China), but in St. Petersburg (Russia).

The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss the latest advances in the study of wet steam flows in turbomachines by calculation and experimental methods and in the design of turbines operating on wet steam. As an experiment, reflecting new directions in the development of turbomachines, the topic of the study of alternative working bodies is included among the topics.

The conference will be held in compliance with all epidemiological safety measures.

main persons of the conference

Chairman of the conference 
Vladimir Mikhailov, Doctor of Sciences, General Director of JSC «NPO CKTI»

Valery Rokhlin, PhD, Deputy General Director, Head of the Turbine Unit Division

Xiaoshu Cai, Prof., University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Chairman of the Program Committee
Ondrej Bartos, PhD, Prague Technical University

Conference topics

Calculation methods and mathematical models of the formation and flow of moister in the flow path of a steam turbine, calculation of the influence of wetness.

Moisture measurement methods, methods and tools for experimental research of moisture. Analysis of the results of experiments to determine the effect of wet steam on efficiency and reliability.

Structural, schematic and operational solutions to reduce the effect of moisture in steam turbines, blade erosion.

Alternative working fluids for turbines, their research and application, comparison with the steam cycle when working in the near-humid and near-critical regions of the state.


Informational partner:

Informational partner:
Monthly theoretical and scientific-practical magazine «Heat Power Engineering» (“Teploenergetika”)

Contacts – Natasha Bokuchava, scientific secretary – Elizaveta Zolotogorova, secretary of Organization Committee


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